Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Summer 's over, Let's to catch up on our lives..New Baby, China, France & Poland

Well if you read my last posting
we have a new addition to our family,
our baby boy Knox Oliver.

He was born in June, and also having my two
year old daughter Amelie,
I have been super busy!

We couldn't be more happy
to have him of course, but Wow you just
don't imagine how much different it
can make your life to add another child, but it does!
Just a simple outing, is a huge ordeal.
Two kids loading in car seats, plenty of diapers,
wipes, carrying a infant car seat and walking
a two year old, finding a cart big enough..
and then wondering, ok who's going to have a melt down?
I am now one of those mom
pushing the huge cart with the car attached to it,
and nursing the baby in the car.

As for blogging, crafting, and going to
yard sales and thrift stores...well not so much.
I am adjusting though, and with a good cup of coffee
in the morning, and those cute smiley
faces from my babies, all is well.
Not only did I have just the usual adjusting to
our expanding family with and taking care of our newborn,
my hubby aka Rockstar has been going on tours.
As some of you may know,
he is in Panic! At The Disco.
When Knox was a few weeks old, hubby Rockstar had
to go on a China tour with Panic!

The Forbidden City

Great Wall of China
He had a great time, and then returned,
only a couple weeks later to
leave for France and Poland.
Panic! At The Disco opened for Muse
in Poland to an enormous crowd.

Brendon sharing the mike with my hubby,

and the picture below is my hubby-
Dallon Weekes playing bass guitar.

Cannes, France
Summer 2010
The guys overlooking the
beach at Cannes, France.

The show they performed in France
was at an old castle overlooking
the ocean.
I was very excited for him,
andI did better than I thought
being alone while he was gone.
Living here in Utah away from my friends and
family does put more of a toll on me though
when he is gone, because our strong support
system is in California, and I get homesick.

However we do have good news,
that we will be moving back to Cali!!!
Very soon too, by the 1st of October!
Can't really say why this came about so fast,
just yet..but I will keep you posted :)

We are so happy, but have alot to
get ready for the move. I will be having a big yard sale
and going to post alot of my collectible
goodies up for sale on my Etsy shop and Ebay very soon.


Diane said...

I am so glad you are back to our Blogging world! Yeah Very fun Post, cannot wait until you are here.oxox

~Carrie from Cottage Cozy~ said...

Thanks for catching us all up! Wow!

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