Saturday, November 14, 2009

Snow is falling and I'm getting in the mood for Christmas

I don't think it's ever to early for Christmas, and when the
snow begins to fall it really gives me the feeling of the holiday!

Recently went top my local Hobby Lobby, and apparently they
don't think it's too early for Christmas either...I snapped this
delicious picture of the wonderful eye candy of lovely Christmas
trees of all kinds and colors!!

Personally I'm a fan of pink Christmas things. My mom Saturdayfinds
ever year makes mini pink trees embellished with lovely vintage ornaments,
and glitter!! Last year I was living in California so we got to make them together
and dye bunches and bunches of trees for crafting.

I also must share my newest Christmas vintage finds!! Each package were only a $1 !!
I will be selling them on my Etsy shop very soon, along with a few other vintage Xmas goodies!

So hope you all are having a good weekend and Happy Pink Saturday!
Thanks for coming by!
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