Sunday, November 21, 2010

I'm Dreaming of a Pink Christmas...

Hope you all had a sweet Pink Saturday.
Although I didn't get around
to posting for Pink Saturday,
because I'm kept VERY busy
with my two little ones..

I'm here sharing my Pink Saturday
goodies with you on
this lovely Sunday morning!

Since being back in California,
and enjoying the so-called
"winter" weather here,
with almost endless sunny days..
I've been able to team up again
with my crafting partner
and mom Saturdayfinds.

I don't have much of a crafting studio
set-up in my place yet, so I sneak off
to her place and ignite my
creativity among all her
yummy crafting supplies!

Here's some of our crafting
collaborations we came up with
and are also available for
sale in her Etsy Shop!

Thanks for coming by,
may all your dreams be pink!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bake Sale for Haiti

This past weekend I helped
my good friend with her Bake Sale.

She's raising money for the costs
to ship donations to Haiti.

She's been there before, and will be returning
early next year to help with
a documentary and personally
deliver the donations she has collected.
She works at Fred Segal Beauty
in Santa Monica, CA
as spa/salon manager and they
were kind enough to let her hold her bake sale there.

I was the one of the many
who made a homemade treat
to donate to sell at the sale.

I made my famous Oreo Meltaways.

They are oh so yummy!
I bagged them, and fancied them up a bit
in the color theme for the sale.
They were a hit, among the other goodies,
and the sale was a success!
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