Sunday, October 24, 2010

Back Home in California

Ok I'm back here on the blogging world,
and this time I really
hope to keep up with my
blogging much better.
We just moved from Utah
back to my home state of
California less than a month ago.

We're getting settled
in and it's sooooo good to be back.
I have most of my friends and family here,
and they are very helpful and supportive.
Now we have our new addition to our family,

our baby boy who is now 4 months old,
and of our daughter who is 2.
So we have our hands full!
My mom- Saturdayfinds,
is not only my mom and Bff, but my
creative crafting partner.
Now that we are back to living close
to eachother we can craft more!!!
We are already starting to work
on Christmas goodies!!
My Etsy shop PinkDoor has
also been on vacation mode for
awhile during the move, and I will
be reopening and posting some
new yummy vintage goodies for
sale, as well as on my Ebay shop
Here's a sneak peek..

Since being a mom, I have opened my
crafting creativity to things
for babies, kids, and moms.
I will be opening an additional
Etsy shop than my PinkDoor shop on Etsy stay tuned I will announce the
name and opening very soon!



Diane said...

Yeah!! Your back in every aspect, we are so happy to have you and the family back in California. Looking forward to spending all the Holidays with you. We LOVE you guys. oxox, Mom

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

I am so excited...and so happy that you are getting settled in once again! Hope we see you Thanksgiving...Grandma & Grandpa"s? :)

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