Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cookies for Christmas

Every year I do my Christmas cookie baking,
for gifts to family and friends.
I usually do my Oatmeal cookies,
Chocolate Chunk and Peanut Butter chip.
This year I did a few new ones.
Thanks to Pinterest.com, I see so many awesome recipes,
so I got inspired to try some new ones.

I made these, which you can find the recipe
on the package of the peppermint Hershey
kisses. They turned out great! :)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

..just alittle update

So much has been going on in our world.
All good things, just busy, busy.
I don't get around to blogging like I use to.
Mainly because Dallon, my hubby was on tour
for like 2 months. So being home alone with
the kids takes up ALOT of my time.
But the hubby is ba
ck from tour for the
holidays so we have been enjoying that! :)
Been also working on getting
my craft space set up and got a new
sewing machine

to start my new projects.
So after the holidays, come the new year
my new shop on ETSY for babies and kids
will be open, and I'll list more goodies
in my Pink Door Etsy shop too.
This Christmas we just really
want to take it easy,
and spend time with one another.
So I took alittle hiatus from my shops,
and were only having a small intimate
family celebration come Christmas day.
So in my free time I've
been baking and baking....and baking
goodies for Christmas gifts.
Come back,
I'll post what I've been making... :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monday is Over, Hello Tuesday!

Something about Mondays..
hard to get back to productivity after
a fun weekend at the nearby
Hidden Hills neighborhood parade.
How thankful I am for my cup of coffee..

Tuesday is here and I'm ready.
I have lots of things to do, to prep for our trip
to Utah to visit family and my
husband is playing a concert.
This will be the first time
flying with the baby Knox...
who now is about 15 months old.
I think it would be much easier if he
were alittle baby still, now he's a wild little man! :)

Amelie our little girl who is now 3,

has flown many many times.
What makes the most nervous
about this trip is the return
flight I will be flying home by

myself with both kids! Yikes!

This is when a nanny would
come in handy
(maybe someday when we can afford it).
Thinking ahead of being at the airport

with a 3yr old and 1 yr old, luggage,
carry-ons, potty breaks, diaper changes..etc.
I will need free hands and lugging a stroller
is just too much, I purchased a Ergo baby carrier.

I've heard amazing things about this carrier.
All the other I had suck and got rid of them.
They were uncomfortable, and hurt my back.
My sis has always used the Ergo
and can be worn front and back, and she's a small
skinny girl, and carries her almost 2yr old in it.

So once we get to Utah, and after my husband
plays the concert at the Big Ass Show

on Oct. 8th he leaves right after
to start the U.S. Fall Tour.

I'm staying behind a few extra days to visit friends
and hit up the amazing thrift
stores and craft stores there.
Then I will come back to
meet up with him for his
one day home and then he has a show kinda
near us at the Ventura Theater.
After that he will be off again!
Sad to say this year he will gone for Halloween,
which is not the first he's been gone for.
Those who know me, know I love Halloween.

I will still make it fun for the kids,
probably a Halloween party at Grandma's house.


Right now, I'm home alone too with the kids,
while hubby is touring Indonesia

and Australia.

I'm not complaining,
but it does get hard at times.
It gets hard for him too.
As much fun he's having and living his dream,
he's away from us, and I can't even
imagine what that would be like
to be away from the kiddos for weeks at a time.
I went to NY a couple weeks
ago to meet up with him.
I left the kids with my mom,
and even though I had a blast,
by the end of the
3 day trip I totally missed the kids...

So that's another catch up as to what
we have been up to here
in the Weekes household.
I'm also working hard to get a
craft space set-up again for me,
get a new sewing machine
(mine broke, it was super old),
and get my NEW Etsy baby/kid
boutique shop up and running.
My partner in the creation of this
new shop is my mom Saturdayfinds.
Our shop will be called SassyClassyBaby,
and here's a sneak preview of our shop banner:

coming soon!!

Have a great day, ox

Sunday, July 31, 2011

The End to a Great Weekend

Hope you all had a great weekend!
I found a few goodies at yard sales
I was very excited about.

First thing was this
gorgeous Antique GWTW
(Gone with the Wind) style lamp!

If I had somewhere to put it, I would
be keeping it- but instead I posted it
for sale in my Ebay shop Swinginkitten
so check it out it's a beauty
and needs a good home :)

I also found these salt and pepper shakers that
are marked USA, but I haven't quite figured
what pottery co. they are from yet? hmmm
What do you think?

Oh and last but not least this adorable
Antique doll buggy! So precious!
Now how could I pass on this?
I will be posting it for sale too,
so I will keep you posted when I do.

Well kids are in bed and
it's time alone with my hubby.
Got to get in as much alone time
with him as possible before he leaves
on tour again for 3 weeks.

Thanks for coming by, I love to hear your
feedback so please leave comments. ~

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


and the winners are....

thanks everybody who entered
this was fun, I will for sure
do this again! ox

Giveaway Closed-- Winners will be announced today!

The Giveaway was a major success!
Wow! Thanks everybody for entering.
Originally I had 985 twitter followers,
and was going to end the giveaway when
I reached 1000 followers, but you guys
were amazing and I with all your
work I reached it within in minutes!
So as most of you read my tweet,
I extended the giveaway for the whole
day yesterday to give those fans who
didn't get a chance to even know
I was having a giveaway enter.
Since I changed the rules, I decided to
giveaway not one Brobecks
"Violent Things" cd, but two!
So there will be two winners,
and I will announce them later today.

Thanks again all you Brobecks,
Panic!, Dallon..and Weekes Family fans
you guys rock..we love you! ox

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My First Giveaway!! The Brobecks "Violent Things" CD

This will be my first Giveaway here on my blog.
Now I always thought I would have my giveaway
be something relating to one of my craft creations
or some vintage goodies I've collected. But in honor
of my twitter reaching almost 1000 followers, mostly
due of course to fans of my husband Dallon Weekes' band The Brobecks
or his most recent postion as bass player in Panic! At The Disco,
I will be giving away an ACTUAL copy on
The Brobecks album "Violent Things".

It's available on itunes, but I know many
fans in other countries don't have it available to them, or some just want
an actual copy for their collection. These were only sold at
live Brobecks show, so very rare to come by.
This is a worldwide giveaway,
I will send it to the winner where
ever you may live! :)

Ok so here we go..
To enter you must comment here
with name an email,
and comment letting me know if
you also did one or more of the
following "extra entries" options.

For extra entries;
1 entry if you follow my blog here
1 entry if you blog about my giveaway with link to here
1 entry if you tweet about my giveaway with link to here.
1 entry if you follow me on twitter
1 entry if you follow my tumblr:
1 entry if you post an official tweet to follow me on my twitter
*remember to leave a comment for me
here per extra entry thing you do. :)

---------> Oh did I mention Dallon will autograph it!<-------
personally to you if you want.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This is what we have been up to...

So this past couple months the band my
husband is in has been doing alot of
tv appearances and performances after the release
of the new albumVices and Virtues,
and prepping for their upcoming tours.

He played on Conan, which has been a
dream of his for ever since I've known him.
If you watch the video he's the bass player
who at the end of the performance when
Conan come out to say hi, my husband gets really
excited and makes it known on camera.

The other guests that night were Jake Gyllenhaal
and Randy Jackson from American Idol.
Needless to say I had to get a pic with Jake- who would pass that up?
The funny thing is that is was just me and Jake
posing for the pic, and at the last second my husband
slipped ion for the picture!!

They played the George Lopez show too,
which was really fun.
It was like a party backstage,
and the performance sounded awesome,
and we got to see/meet tons of celebs;
Russell Brand, Tracey Morgan,
Rainn Wilson(Dwight on The Office),
Lil' Jon (Celebrity Apprentice).

Lil' John was stoked on the band and posed for pics with them!

They also played MTV's The Seven...

So it's been a fun and busy past couple months..
and this is just the beginning.
He leaves for the Europe tour the end of April,
and goes right from there to the
U.S. tour, so he will be gone till the end of June!
Of course in between I will visit
him, and actually planning to go to
the NY show and most likely Vegas.
But he won't be here for his birthday, my birthday,
our daughter's 3rd birthday, our son's 1st birthday,
mother's day and father's day!!
It's bitter sweet...we've been waiting for this all our lives together,
but it still comes with sacrifices. :)

Friday, March 25, 2011



Busy Busy

Wow so much to update you on.
Been so busy with the kids and
my hubby aka Rockstar.
He has been flying in and out of
town alot lately with the band.
Playing promo shows
for the new album- which
means I'm home alone with
the kids, so blogging gets
pushed to the bottom of
my to do list.

I notice too that since
I have moved back to
California, I keep so busy,
I forget to find time
to blog. Also I started another type of blog
on Tumblr, which I post more on.
I started one on there to post more info
about my husband Dallon and the band
Panic! At The Disco, he's in,
and post pics for fans.

To sum up the past few months..
well..our baby boy is now 9 mos. old!
Our little girl will be 3 in June and the boy
will be 1yrs old!
We had our 5 yr anniversary
this past March 18th.

My hubby was out of town
playing at SXSW in Texas,
but we celebrated it
when he returned at the
W Hotel in Hollywood..ALONE.

Love the kids of course
but it was nice to be alone,
and my first time away from
both kids, alone with hubby.

We had a great time and then
the following evening the band
he plays bass in... Panic! At The Disco,
played a show on the rooftop club
of The W Hotel.

sponsored by Stride Gum.
So we got alot of free gum and lots of
other goodies too!

Oh ya..ha ha..my husband is a fan of Dennis Quaid..well in an
odd way he has something called "The Quaid Curse", ever since
I've known him. It's a long story to explain it in detail..but
he actually got to meet him in Austin,TX at SXSW.

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