Monday, January 25, 2010

My Shop is Open again!!

This busy mom finally got around to photographing some of my latest goodies
to put up in my etsy shop for sale!
A friend of mine has a large doll collection, and she's been recently going through
them narrowing down her collection and giving me whatever I want to take to
resell. She has dolls of all kinds, from Barbies to 3ft tall Vintage Horsman dolls.
So in the next following months I will putting them up in my Etsy and Ebay shop for sale.
I started with the gift set of Kelly & Todd as part of the wedding party for Midge & Alan.

Then there's this lovely Snow White Doll.

I recently found this rose colored pyrex casserole dish at my local Thrift Store!

..and this adorable goose wall pocket, I think is fit for a baby nursery.

These are just a couple vintage tablecloths from the enormous collection my
mom Saturdayfinds and I have compiled over the years...

Maybe early but when you're out in the cold snowy weather...brrr.. you get anxious for spring and summer! So I will be selling this sweet little set of fuzzy Josef Originals Easter bunnies. Perfect for decorating for spring or adding some yummy embellishments.

In the past I have sold one of these gold hard plastic tins, so I parting with another..

These set of two vintage pink candy dishes, were just to cute to pass up at the thrift store..
adorned with gold on the the feet and outside rim of the dishes...these would look oh so
delicious filled with Valentine's candy! <3

...and last but not least I'm parting with one of a few vintage "Dress Me" dolls..ready for you to dress and embellish however you desire.

So check in with my Etsy shop to look for any these items for sale..have a wonderful day bloggers!


Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!
There was just too much going on this past month that I didn't
have time to blog or sell on Etsy.
My daughter and I took a December trip to California

to visit family while my husband went
to Florida for a mini tour with the
band Panic! At The Disco, he plays in as bass player.
When we returned from our trips we moved,
then Christmas came and went, and then New Year's!!
I'm so excited for this new year,
I feel there's lots a good changes coming our way.

January is nearly half way through and one of my favorite
holidays is just around the corner..
Valentine's Day!!
I'm just a romantic,
must be I guess since I
have a heart tattoo behind my ear
and the word "Love" on my wrist. :)

Were still getting settled in our new place,
but I will be re-opening my Etsy shop soon and will
have some new vintage goodies for sale!

One of my addictions is Polyvore!
Oh if you haven't discovered it yet, you
need to check it out.
I created this for my Pink Door blog and it will be a link button.
I also designed one for my mom's
blog Saturdayfinds.
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