Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Giveaway at Saturdayfinds Blog!! 100th Post!

Just want to congratulate my mom,
known as Saturdayfinds in the blog
world. She reached her 100th Blog post!!!
She has a wonderful blog,
and her creativity has truly inspired me.

In honor of her 100th post she's having a giveaway! Included in
her giveaway is one of her handmade posey pockets, along
with some other sweet teasures!!

So if you haven't already, visit her blog, post a comment,
and support a fellow blogger!
------> Saturdayfinds


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Your Royal Highness & The Whimsical Fairy

So here are my newest creations...
The pincushions I like to call "Your Royal Highness" pincushions.

Each will be one of kind, and will have different
fabric and embellishments.
This one has a lovely vintage costume jewelry piece.

Soon to come will be ones embellished with cameos too. ;)

"Winnie the Whimsical Fairy"

The fairy ornament is called "Winnie the Whimsical Fairy".
She is made with a vintage plastic
pick head and pipe cleaner body.
She has some very detailed work,
including her ribbon ballet
shoes tied up her legs, tulle skirt,
silver leaf & pink feathered wings,
and pink posey flowers in her hair.

I will also be making different fairies as well, and some
will be displayed on a stand or setting like sitting on a swing.
These items will be for sale shortly in my Etsy shop! <3

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Busy week..birthdays, movies, baby shower, car shopping, craft class teaching, and Mother's Day!

Whew ! This past past week had been so busy!
First off, Happy Mother's Day to all of you fellow moms
out there- hope you had a great one. ;)

Last weekend was my hubby's bday, so we
did many things to celebrate that, one including
buying a new car. We had to upgrade to a more family style
car, and decided on the Hyundai Santa Fe. It's rated one of the safest
and I just loooooove it!

My husband likes to say it was my gift for Mother's Day.~~~~~~~~

This past Thursday I taught a craft class at
the Enrichment Party at my church.
There were a few of us instructors, all doing various crafts.
There was a glass etching class, a "clutter" catcher class,
stenciling onesie class, and my class- making gift tags of course!! ;)
I had a ton of supplies donated to me
and got to keep most of it.

Friday, my husband and I went to see
Star Trek in the IMAX theater.
The movie was actually really good.
Saturday, went to a baby shower..
and then today, Sunday- went to church,
then went to my parent's house to have some brunch with them.
Got to celebrate Mother's Day with my
mom- Saturdayfinds, and that fact that
it's my first "official" Mother's Day.
You know how awesome my hubby is??
Well he got a me a Michael's crafts gift card!!!
He knows what I like.

Speaking of being a mom, my little girl Amelie
will be having her first bday June 1st!!!!
Already! Wow! I'm in the process of planning that.
It will be a cupcake/princess party of course!
In spite of all that, we're also in the process of moving
out of state, back to Utah!
Well I still managed to create some new beauties!!
I will blog about my new creations tomorrow,
and then will be selling them in my Etsy store.
You can have a sneak preview of one new lovely
creation if you go to my flickr page.
So come back to see the eye candy I have in
store for you!
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