Saturday, August 18, 2012


How's your summer going?
Mine has been good, busy as usual but fun.

We celebrated three Birthdays in June!
My daughter turned 4, 
my boy turned 2..
and then I had my Birthday.  
Ya right, you think
I'm telling you my age! 
Ha ha, I've stopped counting!

For my daughter Amelie's Birthday
 I made Confetti Cake Batter Cookies 
for her to take to her Preschool
class, got the idea from Pinterest!  
They are so addicting, and very easy to make.

The morning of her Birthday 
we made pink heart
shaped pancakes with sprinkles! 

For her Birthday Party it was a  
My Little Pony Party
It wasn't just My Little Pony 
it's based off the new cartoon
Friendship is Magic.

 So once again, like when I did the
Yo Gabba Party 2 yrs ago, 
I was ahead of the game and
no party stores have decorations.  
So once again I had to
put my creative mind at 
work and create it myself.

I did find someone on 
Etsy who did a package
that included a custom invitation, 
pin the tail on the
pony, and images to print out.

The party was so cute,
and she had a great time!

For my boy Knox since 
he was turning two, 
we did a smaller party 
with just close family.  
He looooves Toy Story
so of course that had to be the theme.  

Luckily I did find 
party supplies for this party. 
 I did though have 
a special little cake made, 
and then had cupcakes for the other kids. 

I was even surprised 
that my boy who won't 
wear anything on his head, 
had to get the Woody cowboy hat, 
and would not take it off! :)

My Birthday was mixed 
in between their two Birthdays,
but my hubby did sneak off 
to get me cupcakes at one
of my favorite places Sweet Arleen's

Cupcake Wars winner twice!

Mmmmm they were good! :)
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