Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday and I'm In LOve!

You know from The Cure song? "Friday I'm In Love",
it always makes me smile!

The Cure - Friday I'm In Love

We had a fun couple weeks over here at The Weekes home!
The biggest news was that we found out we are having a boy!
So now we will have a girl and boy! So fun.
We're very excited.
I did have a feeling from the beginning that is was a boy,
and he certainly made his debut known on the ultrasound.
It was very clear he is a boy, and being a typical boy,
he kept putting his hand "down there" grabbing his stuff!!
Ha, ha. So now it's name thinking,
which we think we might already have decided...
Now though I have to have a baby shower for sure,
I have all pink stuff!! I need boy stuff...
and what colors and theme for the room..
ahh but that's the fun part, shopping
and decorating!


Also this week we celebrated Valentine's Day,
and while Grandma Weekes watched
our Amelie and put on a Valentine's
party for all the Grandkids,
we had a date night- a much needed date night. :)
My hubby aka "Rockstar" was truely treated like one.
We failed to make dinner reservations,
so as my hubby called the restaurant
Rooster's we just had to go to for dinner
(mostly due to my craving for their Buffalo
Wings- pregnancy cravings perhaps?),
they told him there were no tables available.
Then he kinda mentioned he was bass
player for Panic! At The Disco, and was in a bit
of bind because he was wanting to take his wife to Valentine's dinner.
As soon as they heard what band he was in,
they immediately told him they could
have a table for him..and possibly a private booth if desired.

He, he,he..I must say it was kinda
fun being able to pull some
strings like that..this is all still so new to us
so it's funny when we get special treatment.
We had a delicious dinner and stayed humble
giving the waitress a very good tip.
Afterwards we went to a movie and saw Sherlock Holmes..

so needless to say I got spend my Valentine's date night
with three hot men- my hubby, Jude Law, and
Robert Downey Jr. ...hey a girl can dream :P
I can back up that Jude is quite attractive,
I have met him before while working on the movie A.I.

So all in all it was great week,
and looking forward to the weekend...
and hopefully some treasure hunting! :)


So have wonderfully fab Friday, and weekend!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday!

I do adore Valentine's Day oh so much,

but for crafting I have
already moved on to Easter! Which brings me to my
Pink Saturday contribution!!

I've been gathering my crafting items for my Easter
project, so this involved a trip to Michael's crafts today
with my little's was girl's day! :)

It made shopping even that much more fun
because I had a gift card! fun, free money!

I'm also preparing for my first giveaway I will be having
on my blog very shortly, so I found a couple cute things
for that too.

Here's my goodies I picked up today, and like I said
some is for crafting, and some is for the giveaway..

my Easter craft..I just started on,
so I can't reveal them just yet,
but I will be selling them in my Etsy shop.

Hope all you had great Saturday and good rest of your weekend
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