Saturday, November 14, 2009

Snow is falling and I'm getting in the mood for Christmas

I don't think it's ever to early for Christmas, and when the
snow begins to fall it really gives me the feeling of the holiday!

Recently went top my local Hobby Lobby, and apparently they
don't think it's too early for Christmas either...I snapped this
delicious picture of the wonderful eye candy of lovely Christmas
trees of all kinds and colors!!

Personally I'm a fan of pink Christmas things. My mom Saturdayfinds
ever year makes mini pink trees embellished with lovely vintage ornaments,
and glitter!! Last year I was living in California so we got to make them together
and dye bunches and bunches of trees for crafting.

I also must share my newest Christmas vintage finds!! Each package were only a $1 !!
I will be selling them on my Etsy shop very soon, along with a few other vintage Xmas goodies!

So hope you all are having a good weekend and Happy Pink Saturday!
Thanks for coming by!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My New Treasures available on Etsy!

Yes I got some of my latest finds up for sale on Etsy.
Here are some pictures of my treasures.
I will be posting more for sale
on Etsy throughout the week..along with Christmas
stuff too! enjoy! :)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Return from a California Trip

Couple weeks ago we got back from yet
another trip to California.
Oh don't get me wrong I love it,
but you know traveling can be
exhausting especially on the way back
home and hauling a little one too.
This trip was focused on my husband's new job,
playing bass for the band Panic! At The Disco,
at a movie premiere for "Jennifer's Body".
It was great fun. Grandma (Saturdayfinds)
had open arms to babysit
our little girl for a couple days,
while the hubby- Rockstar and I got
to stay at The Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood,
thanks to the record label ;).

The Roosevelt Hotel as been around
since the 20's and has recently
had a major renovation.
The hotel still has alot of the vintage feel
with added modern touches.
Many Hollywood stars have stayed here;
Clark Gable, Carole Lombard and Marilyn Monroe
lived here for a bit.
It's also the birthplace of the Academy Awards.
It is also said to be haunted.
We didn't have any haunting experiences
while we were there, but I took
a picture of the pool where Marilyn Monroe's
room overlooked, and the
lobby of the Hotel.

Panic! At The Disco
played their show in
the courtyard of the Hollywood & Highland,
which connects to the Chinese Grauman Theater.
After they played
we got to attend the movie premiere
with red carpet treatment, and my
husband was swarmed by fans and signed autographs.

The rest of trip was visiting
with family and relaxing.
Next he is on to Brazil to play a
music festival in November! :)

Friday, August 28, 2009

RockStar back from tour

So besides putting on a craft show, making crafts,
shopping for treasures,
and taking care of the little one...
my husband got an amazing opportunity
to play with a well known band.
Well, well known for most teenagers, especially
the teenage girls who admire the lead singer to this band.
The band is called Panic! At The Disco.

Some of you who are blog friends with my mom Saturdayfinds
might have already read a bit about this on her blog, or read her or myself refer
to my husband as aka RockStar.

My husband is a singer and songwriter and plays bass guitar.
All though he does have his own band called The Brobecks,
he was asked to play bass guitar for Panic! At The Disco's
upcoming tour, due to their bass player leaving the band.
In the music industry this was a huge discussion
a to who would be filling in on bass guitar?
When it was released that my husband Dallon Weekes
would be, the press went crazy.
It was all over the music news; MTV, VH1, RollingStone
& SPIN name a few.

My husband has played large crowds before, but
this tour was going to be HUGE sold out venues of
20,000 or more pressure..right? ;)

He had to fly out to California to rehearse,

and then went on a three week tour,
covering most of the midwest and east coast.

Part of the tour was with No Doubt,
and the rest of the tour was with the bands
Blink 182, Fall Out Boy, and Chester French.

He had a great time and returned this past Sunday.
It was hard to have him gone
from us for that time, especially Amelie
always saying "daddy" and looking for him.
We had many phone calls and iChat with our
web cam.

I did fly out to his Minneapolis, MN
show. I took my friend Rebecca and we
had a blast. Of course she was completely
understanding when I stayed the first night in
MN with my hubby at the Hilton hotel the band was staying at.

With the baby at home with the mother in law,
my husband and I got to spend some much needed
time felt like we were dating again.
..and the fact that I got to really feel like
I was with a "RockStar"..he he ;)

Minneapolis was really pretty, but the actual town
the venue was in was called St. Paul. It's about
an 8 minute cab ride from Minneapolis.
It was very lush with plants and trees
and alot of old historical buildings and cobble stone streets.

The show was held at the Xcel Energy Center.

It was a blast, and of course we had VIP
treatment. I rode on the tour bus to the show..

we got to hangout backstage and eat catered food.
Got to meet the Blink 182 guys, and the Fall Out Boy
guys which includes Pete know
Ashley Simpson's husband...and of
course the Panic! At The Disco guys
Brendon and Spencer, who were very cool nice guys.

That tour is done now, and not sure what
the future holds, if my hubby will be playing again
with Panic! after they record their new album.
There is talk of that, so we'll see..

We will be flying to Cali in September
because they will be playing a movie premiere
party, because a Panic! song is in a movie coming out.
I'm just excited to go visit my mom,
and Amelie can see Grandma!..
and to have my hubby home again. ox

*We are so thankful and blessed
that Dallon got this amazing opportunity,
and all the love and support from family and friends.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thrift Store Treasures

Did I mention how excited I am about being Utah
because of the Thrift Stores. Well most of them
we call the D.I. which stands for Deseret Industries.
They're the thrift stores owned by the LDS church.

Here are some of my latest finds-
all in just oneday's visit!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

I really need to get back updating my blog. If you read my last
blog we moved from California back to Utah for a bit. So the
transition has left me alittle..well busy and unorganized. I had
to put my Etsy shop on vacation, and I'm trying to unpack all my
crafting supplies to get at it again.

I haven't fell short on visiting the local thrift stores!! ;)
In my busy days being a mom, wife, and being
a entrepreneur, juggling various projects, I always
seem to find time to shop for collectible goodies!!
Oh wait till you see the goodies I found in just one day's
visit...I'll have the pictures up in my next post!

What I was meaning to blog about was the birthdays
that are celebrated here in June. My baby girl Amelie
turned one June 1st, and we had a fun "Puppies and Princess"
party theme. I had my birthday this past Wednesday and turned...
well does that really matter? ;)
Then after checking my blogs I follow,
today I realized Stephanie aka Nie Nie from NieNie Dialouges is
celebrating her birthday too!

In honor of Nie's big day, The Sweet Tooth Fairy Bakery
is hostinga cupcake fundraising event,
inspired by their
VanNIElla Squared Cupcakes.
If you're in the Provo, UT area today
June 27th Saturday. Do stop in,
they'd be ever so delighted to have you.

Also today I was going to take a trip down to Orem, Ut
and visit the Bijou Market boutique/craft show event,
it sounds like fun!

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