Monday, April 27, 2009

Sweet finds with Saturdayfinds...over the weekend!!!

I went out to yard sales this past Saturday with my mom
aka Saturdayfinds. Hubby, aka RockStar, stayed home
with the baby and had dad daughter time.

We didn't even have to go far, her neighborhood was having
a community sale. We had a blast and wow did we score some treasures!!
These little treasures we purchased from her neighbor
only a few houses up from where my mom lives.
I was ready to give the little houses over
to my mom, because I know how much she adores them-
but she's pushing for me to sell them.
So stay tuned I will be posting them for sale soon
on my mom and I's Ebay store !! :)
Feast your eyes on these ladies...


Diane said...

I had so much fun Treasure Hunting with you.
Love, Mom

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said... became on of my followers today! Hurray That word "follower" sounds a bit weird doesn't it?

Love all of your little house finds...what a lucky day for you, girl!

Did you and Amelie have fun with your momma?

Wish I had been there too!

Love you all, Aunt Carrie

ally serrato said...

hey there ~ love the comments from flickr ~ love, love that your hubby wrote a song about your tattoos!!! awwwww,,, :-D totally post pictures of your tats ~ id lov to see em!!! :-D

Laura said...

They are wonderful. Enjoyed visiting your blog, and your trip out and about with your mother made me miss mine. I have 3 daughters and we call those trips exploring-


zoe said...

Hello Good morning here;>
Previous post of yours totally so eye candy especially the pastel colour buttons i love so much! Love the house too :)


Mia Sophia said...

What a wonderful find~ it's so much fun to "treasure hunt"

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