Sunday, May 10, 2009

Busy week..birthdays, movies, baby shower, car shopping, craft class teaching, and Mother's Day!

Whew ! This past past week had been so busy!
First off, Happy Mother's Day to all of you fellow moms
out there- hope you had a great one. ;)

Last weekend was my hubby's bday, so we
did many things to celebrate that, one including
buying a new car. We had to upgrade to a more family style
car, and decided on the Hyundai Santa Fe. It's rated one of the safest
and I just loooooove it!

My husband likes to say it was my gift for Mother's Day.~~~~~~~~

This past Thursday I taught a craft class at
the Enrichment Party at my church.
There were a few of us instructors, all doing various crafts.
There was a glass etching class, a "clutter" catcher class,
stenciling onesie class, and my class- making gift tags of course!! ;)
I had a ton of supplies donated to me
and got to keep most of it.

Friday, my husband and I went to see
Star Trek in the IMAX theater.
The movie was actually really good.
Saturday, went to a baby shower..
and then today, Sunday- went to church,
then went to my parent's house to have some brunch with them.
Got to celebrate Mother's Day with my
mom- Saturdayfinds, and that fact that
it's my first "official" Mother's Day.
You know how awesome my hubby is??
Well he got a me a Michael's crafts gift card!!!
He knows what I like.

Speaking of being a mom, my little girl Amelie
will be having her first bday June 1st!!!!
Already! Wow! I'm in the process of planning that.
It will be a cupcake/princess party of course!
In spite of all that, we're also in the process of moving
out of state, back to Utah!
Well I still managed to create some new beauties!!
I will blog about my new creations tomorrow,
and then will be selling them in my Etsy store.
You can have a sneak preview of one new lovely
creation if you go to my flickr page.
So come back to see the eye candy I have in
store for you!


Diane said...

Well looks like you have this blog thing down. Everything is wonderful! I sure had fun today with you guys. I Love you, Mom

Denise said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog!!

Glad you had a nice first mother's day! Here's to many more.


shabbyscraps said...

so glad you had a happy mother's day! Your new car is so pretty!
xoxo, Tiffany

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh a new car! How wonderful. We are in the market for my daughter now.
How wonderful that you had so many craft supplies donated to you. God is good!

Maria said...

Happy Belated Mothers day!! What a sweet car. Thanks for stopping by.

zoe said...

GOSH love your new car! I always love 4 wheel family car so much:)
Congrats of this year was your 1st celebration of mother's day how lovely your hubby gift for you!

come back and see your eye candy soon!


Pieceful Bits said...

Happy First Mom's Day! Sounds like you had a great one! I miss having a little one around, mine are almost all grown up;)

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