Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Peeps

Welcome back from Easter, hope everyone had a good weekend.
So yes it's already mid week and I'm just now posting this from Easter,
but hey those fellow mom's out there know how hard it can be
sometimes to get around to do the things you enjoy-
like blogging!! ;)
Well me and Saturdayfinds, got together to do some baking
for Easter, and we created these adorable peeps cupcakes! They
were almost too cute to eat, but we ate them anyways- yummy!


zoe said... cute cupcakes! Yummy licious!!! Btw what a funny thing i just received my sis easter presents today and its already over:T
Stay cuteness


Diane said...

And I even ate the last one you left at our house, well I did share (: Yummy we need a reason to do that again! ox

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