Saturday, November 14, 2009

Snow is falling and I'm getting in the mood for Christmas

I don't think it's ever to early for Christmas, and when the
snow begins to fall it really gives me the feeling of the holiday!

Recently went top my local Hobby Lobby, and apparently they
don't think it's too early for Christmas either...I snapped this
delicious picture of the wonderful eye candy of lovely Christmas
trees of all kinds and colors!!

Personally I'm a fan of pink Christmas things. My mom Saturdayfinds
ever year makes mini pink trees embellished with lovely vintage ornaments,
and glitter!! Last year I was living in California so we got to make them together
and dye bunches and bunches of trees for crafting.

I also must share my newest Christmas vintage finds!! Each package were only a $1 !!
I will be selling them on my Etsy shop very soon, along with a few other vintage Xmas goodies!

So hope you all are having a good weekend and Happy Pink Saturday!
Thanks for coming by!


Fleur de Bee said...

Hey Sweets!! Isn't this sudden snow outrageous! I was at Hobby Lobby out in The District in Herrimann today LOL! I should have met you up in time! I had to hit Tai Pan too as well as a few boutiques I stock. Having a ton of catchup in studying I was limited with the open slot of time I had. But let's meet up soon!

Your Mom got my name for an art tag email and sent me some of her trees. So I will say to anyone who sees this post to get some from you because the color is sooo pretty! Mine went in my daughters room promptly!

Thanks for your sweet comments! I really thank you!

xo Molly

Diane said...

What a Happy Post today, each picture brought a smile to my face! I remember last years Pink Bottle brush Trees all over the Kitchen! We sure did have fun! Love the ornaments you found, and the trees in your Hobby Store yummy e-candy. Stay cozy in that snowy weather Hugs and Kisses, Mom oxox

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey cute doll,
hope you had a fab turkey day!!
you know i love all the pink christmas stuff.
so beautiful.
i wish you and your mom would come for silver bella next year. it is always so much fun.

C. Dianne Zweig said...

This a wonderful blog...soooo pretty...amazing phtography...i enjoyed my first visit...hope you will come by and say hello, dianne

Nishant said...

We sure did have fun! Love the ornaments you found

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