Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thrift Store Treasures

Did I mention how excited I am about being Utah
because of the Thrift Stores. Well most of them
we call the D.I. which stands for Deseret Industries.
They're the thrift stores owned by the LDS church.

Here are some of my latest finds-
all in just oneday's visit!!


Diane said...

Darling Post, I love all your "New" found treasures. I just added a link on over to your Blog. I am sure my friends would love to see your "Eye Candy"
Love, Mom

Le_Vintage said...

I just love Diane's blog and she's always sending me over here to check out you're latest finds. You find the cutest treasures. Wish you'd blog more!

Fleur de Bee said...

EEK! Another Utah gal! We must meet!! for years I felt like the only one here lol! FAB blog! Thanks for following me...just caught that. My newest post is about the Bountiful DI. How fun and comical that place is!!

xo Molly

Holly Loves Art said...

GRAT finds! Get this... When I was in my late teens and early 20's, I used to go to D.I all the time! I still have some of the most amazing vintage stuff EVER from that store in Sacramento, CA. I have a fabulous gold silver and cream brocade gown with overcoat - the top part of the gown is black velvet. I think the whole thing cost me $6 back then! I used to collect black and white vintage hats and had over 20 at one time. I still have some great vintage jewelry too. Oh... I got rid of so many things in the 90's that I wish I still had! Just last month I flew out to Sacramento to visit family and my mom took me to the same D.I. Boy had it changed!!! However, I found a really cute vintage PINK book from the 30's. But sadly, no more wonderful fashions like I used to be able to find there. Thanks for this great post!

Diane said...

Love the Blog Makeover I am one of your biggest fans.
Hugs, Mom

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

cute finds!! I love thrift store goodies :-) you can find the coolest things sometimes. The D.I. Is so cool :-) I grew up in Utah. Love it there!! I hope you have a fabulous week!! hugs!! Britt :-)

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

We have a Deseret Thrift Shop here in Oregon too! Love all of your goodies. Hope things are fabulous for you in Utah...

Love, Aunt Carrie

Britt @ Sweet Sassy Molassy! said...

LOVE all your treasures! I wish we had thrift stores that had such wonderful things! I found your blog through Fleur de Bee. Come visit me!

nana rosie said...

HEY D.I'in gal... LOVE them myself!... infact I was just there this morning!!! Got some cool stuff! Check out my blog. Rosycheeks @
I posted some about my lastest D I finds. I love vintage/shabby chic look & try to find stuff like that. I'll mark your blog,I like so much!

Just be...... said...

Love your header! Fun Blog too! I'm glad I got to meet you in person at Simply Chic. See you this weekend!

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