Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

I really need to get back updating my blog. If you read my last
blog we moved from California back to Utah for a bit. So the
transition has left me alittle..well busy and unorganized. I had
to put my Etsy shop on vacation, and I'm trying to unpack all my
crafting supplies to get at it again.

I haven't fell short on visiting the local thrift stores!! ;)
In my busy days being a mom, wife, and being
a entrepreneur, juggling various projects, I always
seem to find time to shop for collectible goodies!!
Oh wait till you see the goodies I found in just one day's
visit...I'll have the pictures up in my next post!

What I was meaning to blog about was the birthdays
that are celebrated here in June. My baby girl Amelie
turned one June 1st, and we had a fun "Puppies and Princess"
party theme. I had my birthday this past Wednesday and turned...
well does that really matter? ;)
Then after checking my blogs I follow,
today I realized Stephanie aka Nie Nie from NieNie Dialouges is
celebrating her birthday too!

In honor of Nie's big day, The Sweet Tooth Fairy Bakery
is hostinga cupcake fundraising event,
inspired by their
VanNIElla Squared Cupcakes.
If you're in the Provo, UT area today
June 27th Saturday. Do stop in,
they'd be ever so delighted to have you.

Also today I was going to take a trip down to Orem, Ut
and visit the Bijou Market boutique/craft show event,
it sounds like fun!


Diane said...

Well I know if I was in Utah I would be there, the Music with Alexis Munoa, sounds so my style. I am sure the Vendors will be very cool. Happy Birthday June Girls.
OX, Mom

ally serrato said...

awww cute post!!! happy birthday to your little pumkin!!

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