Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer filled with Birthdays at The Weekes House!

Yes the year is more than half way over, 
and I'm finally making a post.
I would do it more often if I 
could figure how to do it from my phone
since my life is so much on the go.

We had all of our Birthdays..
Dallon was in May and mine and the two kiddos were in June.  
Amelie is now 5 and Knox is 3 !! 
Crazy how fast is has past by, 
but it's so fun to see them grow 
and develop their personalities.
They for sure have a combo 
of Dallon and I in both of them.

As some of you may know 
Dallon's Birthday was celebrated by having
a Brobeck show in L.A. Well not just A show, 
he played two sets in one night!
It was fun, many came out to support. 
It was a Doctor Who theme all night..
in fact Dallon even wore a Doctor 
inspired outfit for the 2nd show that night.
We ate cake, sold merch, 
met some people...it was a great time. 
Thanks for all who came out, and said hi.


Amelie had a Brave themed Birthday party
...and you know me, I looooove to
party plan and decorate! 

I seriously find joy in it.  
Many tell me to open a party/wedding
decorating company...HA! 
Add that to my list of things I do and want to do :P
  It was a good time and she's already 
thinking what she wants next year! ha ha Just
like her mama.


Knox had his Birthday at 
Chuck E. Cheese for two reasons;
1. It's like Disneyland to a 3 year old boy
2. He had a Wreck It Ralph theme- so an arcade made sense.

He had a blast of course, so it was all good.


My Birthday- June 24th,
was celebrated a day before 
the actual date because 
Dallon had to go out of town for work.  
We had a great date night. :) 

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Diane Mars said...

I sure do love this Post darling pictures! ox

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