Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy New Year Update

I know, I know it's been a long 
time since I posted on here.
Life has just been so busy and 
it's easier for me to update
my Facebook, or Instagram or 
Twitter because I can easily
send pic from my iphone.  

Everybody is doing well.  
Amelie is at a new Preschool this year
since we moved and bought a house.  
She adjusted easily and 
loves it!

It was nice this year to have Dallon 
home for all the holidays.
Halloween 2011, he was out on tour, 
so missed the kids in their
costumes and trick or treating. 
He also was gone for his birthday,
my birthday, and Amelie's birthday.  
So this past 2012, he was home
for all of it!  It still was busy though 
because we bought a house
and moved. Still painting and doing slight remodeling-
but I'm all about that I love doing it.

Christmas was good- we had alot going on, family parties,
friend parties, the time it was the day
of Christmas it was very relaxing.  

I finally got to get my white 
Christmas tree out of storage- Panic! 's storage actually ;)
I have a tons of vintage ornaments, 
and usually love to decorate
the tree with pink ornaments, 
but our little boy Knox is two
and still can't keep his hands of the tree.  
So I bought non breakable
ornaments for the lower half of the tree 
and decorated the upper 
half with my vintage ornaments ;)  I
 went with a bright pink and gold,
with some brown.

So now it's the new year, and the 2nd day 
in Dallon was off to NY for 
9 days to work on a new Panic! album....
that's all I can say guys about that ;)

I've got alot I'm working on, as usual, 
too much to list, but I'll try to update more
this year ;)

1 comment:

Diane Mars said...

OMG that school girl is getting so big! Glad you back in Blogland oxox

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