Friday, March 25, 2011

Busy Busy

Wow so much to update you on.
Been so busy with the kids and
my hubby aka Rockstar.
He has been flying in and out of
town alot lately with the band.
Playing promo shows
for the new album- which
means I'm home alone with
the kids, so blogging gets
pushed to the bottom of
my to do list.

I notice too that since
I have moved back to
California, I keep so busy,
I forget to find time
to blog. Also I started another type of blog
on Tumblr, which I post more on.
I started one on there to post more info
about my husband Dallon and the band
Panic! At The Disco, he's in,
and post pics for fans.

To sum up the past few months..
well..our baby boy is now 9 mos. old!
Our little girl will be 3 in June and the boy
will be 1yrs old!
We had our 5 yr anniversary
this past March 18th.

My hubby was out of town
playing at SXSW in Texas,
but we celebrated it
when he returned at the
W Hotel in Hollywood..ALONE.

Love the kids of course
but it was nice to be alone,
and my first time away from
both kids, alone with hubby.

We had a great time and then
the following evening the band
he plays bass in... Panic! At The Disco,
played a show on the rooftop club
of The W Hotel.

sponsored by Stride Gum.
So we got alot of free gum and lots of
other goodies too!

Oh ya..ha husband is a fan of Dennis Quaid..well in an
odd way he has something called "The Quaid Curse", ever since
I've known him. It's a long story to explain it in detail..but
he actually got to meet him in Austin,TX at SXSW.


Diane Mars said...

I love all the pictures the lock to your hotel room door is amazing! Rhinestones a girls best friend he he he

PBL said...

Sounds like fun. Love the jeweled peep hole on the hotel door. ;)

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