Sunday, November 21, 2010

I'm Dreaming of a Pink Christmas...

Hope you all had a sweet Pink Saturday.
Although I didn't get around
to posting for Pink Saturday,
because I'm kept VERY busy
with my two little ones..

I'm here sharing my Pink Saturday
goodies with you on
this lovely Sunday morning!

Since being back in California,
and enjoying the so-called
"winter" weather here,
with almost endless sunny days..
I've been able to team up again
with my crafting partner
and mom Saturdayfinds.

I don't have much of a crafting studio
set-up in my place yet, so I sneak off
to her place and ignite my
creativity among all her
yummy crafting supplies!

Here's some of our crafting
collaborations we came up with
and are also available for
sale in her Etsy Shop!

Thanks for coming by,
may all your dreams be pink!


Miss Rhea said...

Those are so cute !!!! Love the tiny angel one :) I just did a post on the wonderful crown you sent me, I hope you come look. Also, I am hoping you got your package and no one snagged it at your apt. Hugs to you and the Babies :) :)

Marie Arden said...

Love your blog I am a pink girl too my blog is about my very pink life. You are way more talentedin craft area than I am. Fun to look at your creations.
Marie Arden Pink Living

Diane said...

I sure have enjoyed having you back home to get back to creating in the Studio~ We sure have had fun with our Christmas Creations. oxox, Mom

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