Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This past weekend was so much fun.
I met in person for the first time the beautiful
and talented Molly,
known in the blog world as Fleur de Bee!

We both live and Utah and have been
talking for awhile now, planning to get together.
What better reason to meet up but,
The Oh Sweet Sadie Art and Gift Show,
in the gorgeous Daybreak area,
South Jordan Ut.
She was such a doll and brought
me a gift in my favorite color pink....pearl earrings!!!Oh what a lucky girl I am.

We shopped and shopped...
and of course left with some wonderful goodies.
I picked up these wonderful
scented handmade bath bombs
from Silver Firs Farm in strawberry
and passion fruit, guava, coconut!!

I purchased a lovely piece of jewelry from
The Pink Chandelier and what is so fun
about them is they have a huge array of
charms and chains, and you can put together
your own design...I would love to show you
what I got, but it's a gift for my mom
Saturdayfinds for mom's day
and want her to be surprised!

And of course I had to by some homemade
caramels from Grandma Berylene,
since this will be her last year
participating at the Oh Sweet Sadie show.
She even thanked me for my purchase
by giving me a dark chocolate candy bar
and a pen with her business address on it.
Needless to say the chocolate bar was
eaten pretty fast by this pregnant woman! :)
I gave the carmels to Molly as my
"new friend" gift to her.
There were so many other wonderful
vendors there, and we a wonderful time.
Afterwards we went over to Hobby Lobby of course
to pick up some craft supplies!!
I found the perfect place settings
for my baby shower!

I ended the day baking a cake for
my hubby aka RockStar's birthday,
in the shape of his dream bass guitar!


Fleur de Bee said...

Oh I had so much fun with you! Wish the weather was more sunny like TODAY!! (hope it's here to stay!). Let me say that those carmels made it home with 3 left in the bag haha! Oh Thank you so much I loved every bite!!

That cake is DARLING!!!! So happy it turned out, you are so talented, I can't keep up!


Diane said...

I sure do love you oxox What a great Post and it sure sounds like I missed out on some great fun ): But hope to meet Molly in June. That cake you made is something else. Hugs & Kisses, Mom

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