Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This is what we have been up to...

So this past couple months the band my
husband is in has been doing alot of
tv appearances and performances after the release
of the new albumVices and Virtues,
and prepping for their upcoming tours.

He played on Conan, which has been a
dream of his for ever since I've known him.
If you watch the video he's the bass player
who at the end of the performance when
Conan come out to say hi, my husband gets really
excited and makes it known on camera.

The other guests that night were Jake Gyllenhaal
and Randy Jackson from American Idol.
Needless to say I had to get a pic with Jake- who would pass that up?
The funny thing is that is was just me and Jake
posing for the pic, and at the last second my husband
slipped ion for the picture!!

They played the George Lopez show too,
which was really fun.
It was like a party backstage,
and the performance sounded awesome,
and we got to see/meet tons of celebs;
Russell Brand, Tracey Morgan,
Rainn Wilson(Dwight on The Office),
Lil' Jon (Celebrity Apprentice).

Lil' John was stoked on the band and posed for pics with them!

They also played MTV's The Seven...

So it's been a fun and busy past couple months..
and this is just the beginning.
He leaves for the Europe tour the end of April,
and goes right from there to the
U.S. tour, so he will be gone till the end of June!
Of course in between I will visit
him, and actually planning to go to
the NY show and most likely Vegas.
But he won't be here for his birthday, my birthday,
our daughter's 3rd birthday, our son's 1st birthday,
mother's day and father's day!!
It's bitter sweet...we've been waiting for this all our lives together,
but it still comes with sacrifices. :)


Sarah said...

Sometimes success comes with sacrifice, but it must be a joy knowing your husband is living his dream!!

Diane Mars said...

I love you, and this is all so exciting! And the best part is you are back in California! oxox

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Fun & Exciting!

Just be...... said...

fabulous!!! Exciting!!! Good luck!!!

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