Monday, March 1, 2010

I Just Love these Aprons!!

I came across these aprons and
I just had to blog about them
and share to you ladies.

The company is called Flirty Aprons,
and they're based in Provo, Utah.
Right now to they are having a sale and
the aprons are priced great!
They also make matching
aprons for your little girls!
Take a look at some of my favorites:


Cottage Cozy said...

Those are darling...I am going to hop over and check them out!

Anonymous said...

how can you not be a happy homemaker in one of those, right!!! they are great...i want one...thanks for sharing!


Mc Allen said...

aww, Im gonna check it out too!!! I bet lil P and I would look fantastic in matching ones ;) xoxo LA

Diane said...

You and Miss Amelie would look darling in matching Aprons, too cute! oxox, Mom

Glitzy Glass Stars said...

Hope I am not imposing. I saw you comment on suzie's blog. Cool name, classy blog!

Pieceful Bits said...

They are darling..thanks for sharing

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